Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's Time For a Treat

It's been quite a while since my last post(almost two years) so thought now is the time(after all one does not have many interesting things to do at office) so here i'm.On thursday It was around 20'clock in the afternoon when i was trying to learn Pl/SQL at office when i received a SMS from av saying that tonight he was going to give a treat at Domino's for some mysterious reason which he won't reveal (damn av, i never liked suspense, even in movies, i always try to be prepared(which would involve reading the plot from wikipedia beforehand), and since i did not want to hurt av's feelings(and strictly no other reason ), i obliged:). I was home around 6:30 and went to Krishna's house only to find that he was still in office, after politely refusing uncle's offer to have something to eat(in spite of repeated warnings from my rumbling stomach)) i switched on krishna's monitor(he never shuts down his system, ask him when was the last time he switched it off and you can see him racking his brains) I started playing Mini Ninja(Kicha finds this game absolutely boring though i hought otherwise, but after spending around 4 hrs in it i had to give in) anyways after spending a hour playing i when i was about to leave(i would attribute the reason to finger ache though and not to boredom) i heard krishna's bike and when i came out i also found Pambu(Sriram) along with krishna.
After debating a bit with Krishna about the venue of treat(Krishna was against Domino's)in the end we settled for Seasons restaurant. There was still some time left for us to start when me and pambu started guessing all the possible reasons for the treat with pambu frequently hinting that may be there was a girl involved. We didn't have long to wait though, coz av also arrived at krishna's place and we found that Av has been appreciated in his team(he was always a hard working dude unlike me) and that an appreciation mail has been sent throughout Finnacle CRM congratulating him on his efforts(i guess Sriram's hopes were squashed,poor dude always looking for excitement). After a minute or two Sriram started to Sesha's house to get Sesha and me krishna and vinod towards seson. When we reached season we came to know that Sriram's bike had been punctured, so he had come with sesha in sesha's bike. once we were in the restaurant we started with orders immediately and a very good time(one eventually does if they have sesha and sriram along), the food was good and i had my fill. By the time we were finished it was around 9:30 and we left the place with krishna driving my trusty TVS excel super. It was very chilly outside, a perfect time to sit back and enjoy the scenery though none was there, Krishna was having a terrible time though, somehow he couldn't appreciate the way things were going on. I guess the fact that he was the one bearing the brunt of cold and shielding me from it, was a thought more than he could bear. Anyways we reached home with no further incidents. On the whole it was a very pleasant and enjoyable night, one i would like to always remember and reminisce.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Farewell my friend

It has been quite long since my last post so thought its about time i came up with another, on Saturday night(21-06-07) av was to leave to Mysore to join Infosys so we(me, krishna, visu, Oi, Kumara, sundar and seshu) thought it would be nice to go till the station and say farewell, we boarded the train from Tambaram along with av and a friend of his at 7 30, as far as I'm concerned the train journey went on, with me reminiscing about the good old days we had together and about some other things. However when we all reached central we had quite a good time though i must confess being disappointed at the fact that av did not give intro to any good looking girl from his coll, but what to do?, so after many hugs and friendly pats we let av go and i was feeling sad, wondering if the things will be ever same again.
All of us started back with shankar joining us as he too had come to central, the journey back wasn't much eventful except for an uncle who looked like a
necromancer trying to perform dark arts, this unnerverd krishna a lot(poor dood krishna not everyone can be bold like me) so we changed our compartment, then everyone(except sundar and shankar) went to Vasantha Bhavan to have our dinner and then we went to bhats to have masala milk(it was around 11 in the night) after having it i really felt refreshed along with others and we started back towards Krishnas house, as soon as we reached skk's house it has started to rain quite heavily so, i had wait for an hour and when rain seemed to subside krishna and me started to my home(so nice him to give me a lift) in his Apache. It had started to rain again heavily and skk though a very good driver, was speeding at about 60 km per hour(at one stretch he touched seventy) which considering the fact that the road was a wet one was pretty high and that too with the rain splattering us badly. However it was really a cool bit of driving, in spite of my misgivings we made it and it was about 12 30 by the time i reached home. So it was one hell of a memorable day for me both sad and thrilling.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Holiday Sagas Part 1- On the way to the Beach

Hi All,
Its been quite a while since my last post so thought i would better get started, it all started with SKK and Sesha after their decision to go for a trip to ECR beach in my presence so the plans were made and Pambu, Sunil and A.V were to accompany us, according to the plans we were to start around 4Oclock in the morning to to be able to catch the sunrise, i was to report to Sesha's house at 4 and we were to join SKK and others at Rajakilpaukkam and head for the beach, however things turned to be otherwise , in the morning when i came out of my house i learned from Krishna that Sesha has not even woken up and also that Pambu was not coming, so turning back seemed to be my only option but i knew not what came over me and i decided to head straight for Rajakilpaukkam, a decision i started to regret after walking in the lonely road with dogs howling now and then(actually im afraid of dogs, lonely roads, darkness etc etc) so feeling completely foolish i started along the road when suddenly i saw a Auto coming along the road, alas! my prayers had been answered i felt.
I paid the auto 30 bucks after a bit of bargaining and reached Krishna's house around 4:30, shortly Sunil too came, from him i came to know that he was chased by dogs on his way. I must admit that it made perfect sense though coz the dogs mistook him for a bone and just could not resist the thought a bone very early in the morning coming willingly in a Pulsar. As soon as Sunil came we started to beach as we could pick AV on our way, me and Sunil did not wait for AV to join as we had to find a petrol bunk for sunil's TVS 50 with the name Pulsar written on it(In his blog Sunil says he was well prepared for the journey but his bike was running in reserve), on our way we did find a Petrol bunk at Medavakkam and in the process of crossing the median(i must admit that the idea was mine) we were caught by the police. The police man was quite startled when i took my mobile to see if there had been any SMS thinking i was going to call a higher official, at last we were allowed to continue our journey after tipping him 50 bucks(I spared 30 of em from my purse). Later we found SKK and AV waiting for us in a bus stop, Then we continued our journey with no remarkable incidence except being sprayed on the road by something that felt like dog shit though im not sure what it is, by the time we reached the beach it was 5:30........To be continued in Holiday sagas Part 2

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Today we had our farewell party in our our college and probably the title would suggest how it went. In spite of all my grudges against Sairam, i always felt that the farewell was quite good as it was generally conducted in the evening and the solitude and the serene atmosphere might make one feel(even me!) sad about leaving Sairam, but today it was not individual farewell, it was common farewell. What happened today was ridiculous, far from feeling sad one might have been cursing himself for being stupid enough to come to college today. The whole thanksgiving and the farewell crap started around 10 and ended by 4. The day started with the thanksgiving party in each department taking place at Labs or drawing halls and forthe privileged CSE dept in the auditorium(coz of Godmother's power i guess). However it was OK, but the real terror started after lunch around 1:30. From each department three students were supposed to come to dais at the open air auditorium and give a speech of farewell. Most of them were mokkai but a final year EEE guy's speech made Seetharaman's(our college dean) speech sound like a sweet Lullaby. But good old Seethu surpassed his previous bouts of mokkai and seemed to have achieved new levels of vindictiveness towards students and was not even entertaining us with his usual crap but rather he was reading poetry(that too about how we should never forget Sairam, when i have every reason to do so :-)). With some luck our dean would replace devil in hell cos of his new advanced and far more subtle(nothing but voice) torturing techniques.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

ABACUS Quizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Recently me, Visu and Thunder participated in the quiz at Abacus(anna univ CSE sympo)and won second prize(thanks to the efforts of Visu and Sundar), the prelims looked like a refresher course of many past quizzes and the finals was drabai, as soon as I came to the Vivek Audi before the prelims i saw Nithin showing-off to Aravind about the questions(looks like these were not his intended questions but since he is not conducting he did not want to give his own questions, what a heart, but then one would be a fool to expect anything else better from his kind,In the finals we were able to win coz of two crucial factors, one of them was the efforts of visu and sundar and the other one was that we were seated before Aravind and Karthikeyan and all the questions were asked in a clockwise manner. There were a few good questions in finals with a few superb workouts from Sundar and Visu's part. We could have ended up first had it not been for the Hussain team from anna univ(more out of luck than talent). The day could not have been a better one though, that evening the Revaluation results came with me clearing a sub and so did Vinod. So it was one of the perfect day of my life.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Is Engineering Really a CRAP or what?

<span style="font-style:italic;">Hi,
Just now after feeling extremely well fed after a good heavy dinner(and a bit sleepy to),I'm pondering what have I done useful in my life by taking ENGINEERING,the answer, as one might guess is.....

The knowledge i have gained is just a big round ZERO, I feel lousy just at the thought of going to college and sitting in a lecture seems like..............having fire in your ass,
the voice of the lecturer sounds like a Zombie speaking and a look at our HOD'S face reminds one of a dish, long gone bad, is it because I'm a final year?, the answer is a simple no, it has been always like this except that the level of my patience has been exhausted for long. So after all this I have come to the conclusion that Engineering is a total crap. In case any one feels otherwise then they are, as Krishna says, a BHASKAR.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snake n adder

On jan 16th me, Krishna, Thunder, Doc, Visu, Oi and Sunil went to see the crocodile bank, we planned to start by 7:30am and as one could expect we started around ten and headed for V.G.P as there is no direct bus to croc bank. We then got a bus to Kovalam beach and from there “hired” a share auto to the croc bank(only seven of us, coz normally he would take ten people, those auto drivers must be included in Guinness record, may be they worked in circus, early in their life).

we reached Croc bank around 11:30 and were greeted by all kinds of crocs over there(damn them, they wont even look around unless it is food, I guess they could not bear to see delicious tasty looking food(exclude sunil and sundar) roaming around them). The whole place was stinking due to lack of proper maintenance, but we did see huge alligators and crocodiles. Then we went to the snake house(present in the croc bank itself) where we saw two vicious looking cobras as soon as we entered, the snake handlers were answering questions of the public (most of them were stupid, but the stupidest one was this

Observer:- Pambu padathula nadikkuma

Snake handler:- Pambu padathula ellam nadikkaadu, venumna Kadikkum)

. Then after leaving croc bank we headed to Kovalam Beach and as soon as we reached there Sunil left us as he had to catch a train to Coimbatore regarding project (actually I too was going with him to coimbatore). However I decided to stay and enjoy the beach(praying to God that I shouldn’t be late for the train) .At the beach we wanted to get away from crowded area and as we were going towards a secluded (and clean) spot we were stopped by a Security personnel of some stupid resort, then we sat a few feet away from that place and had our snacks(a gift from Oi) then I alone ventured into water as everyone except me and Krishna were wearing Jeans n Krishna was taking photos. Visu and a.v were involved in Well digging(actually a hole) and I was foolish enough to taste water from that hole taking their words that it won’t be salty, Oi was silently munching the snacks in far corner then krishna pointed to me a bikini clad foreigner walking at a far distance(he always has eyes for things like that).Later we took photos of our fingerprints around the hole, then due to my pressure we started back, we reached V.G.P around 6 where I was chased by beggar girl for alms(damn Krishna, as he did not have change I gave a rupee to a beggar women and this one saw that) .Then I reached home by 7:10, got my luggage(Thanks to my mom she had packed everything for me)and started to station by 7:15, I reached Tambaram by 7:45 and when I boarded the train I called Sunil to enquire where he was, as we had planned to be at Tambaram station by 7:45.

Then Sunil told me that he was at home as Train was scheduled only at 10.30pm. When I asked why he did not tell me this earlier he told he called me earlier and I did not attend the call, when I asked why the hell didn’t he send a sms, he replied

”SMS ellam adichu ennala time waste panna mudiyadhu da”.